By 2005 YakCash has launched more incest sites than all the incest affiliate programs all together. Our sites are clearly aimed at a definite market, and professional production makes them destined to succeed. The sites captivate the surfers, making them produce as much cash as possible, pleasing the webmaster with heavenly ratio and growing income. Our team works untiringly to add fresh content, new FHGs and banners, write efficient promo descriptions and produce more exciting free content.
Those who work with YakCash have forgotten what financial problems are. Lots of investments including high-budget sites, prizes for webmasters, own and working merchant accounts, payment cards for affiliates issued and delivered for free and weekly no-hold payments enabled YakCash to become a trusted and financially successful online enterprise.
Accepting transactions is one of the crucial points in this business. The site subscriptions are processed using our own merchant accounts. We built a cascading system ensuring stable processing. CardsGate, a company with a history of over 4 years, is the gateway and billing, providing antifraud monitoring and customer support. The whole financial system allowed to maximize the number of successful transactions with a minimal amount of chargebacks and refunds.
We provide you with detailed traffic and transaction stats which allow you to analyze your working process and improve your ratios even more. Promo materials are provided in usable sections, FHGs feature a tool for displaying descs and links in multiple formats. You can enable or disable trials and exit tariffs for any of the sites through the control panel. E-mail notifications giving you the daily stats, transaction information and affiliate program news will bring something pleasant to you daily.
Incest BDSM
Niche: Incest, BDSM
Added: 09-10-2009

Tube Incest
Niche: Incest, Tube
Added: 24-09-2009

Night Penetration
Niche: Hardcore, Incest
Added: 17-07-2009